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What is an affiliate program in gambling industry?

Affiliate programs in casinos and betting

Although offline casinos' activities are limited, gambling people have not disappeared. Thanks to the introduced bans, online casinos and bookmakers began to develop actively. This kind of business is highly profitable. Online casinos share profits and use affiliate marketing for this purpose.

Beginners and experienced webmasters can use online casino affiliate programs. Advertising materials attract visitors, and in return, the gambling affiliate receives a percentage of each deposit or lost amount.

The best affiliate programs for casinos and bookmakers

Thanks to specialized services, traffic monetization is possible. To find the best option, you must study the ratings that collect the best casino affiliate programs.

Gambling affiliates – main features

Affiliates who promote betting and gambling providers receive commissions. To attract potential visitors, they use a variety of marketing strategies. When advertising on social networks or blogs, users go to the addresses presented. As soon as they replenish their gaming account or place bets, gambling affiliate programs accrue a commission to the partner.

They use different schemes to attract players. Some may see an ad on social media and click through to play, receiving bonus rewards and increased chances of winning. Others will require email campaigns or in-app advertising.

Users may also click on ads out of curiosity. Banners, links, and other content are placed on the affiliate site. The size of the commission depends on how active the referral players are.

Each casino affiliate offers different bets. Support and marketing materials are also different. Sometimes, partners are offered high interest rates on payments, but the requirements are more stringent. It is imperative to ensure compliance with the laws. When choosing an affiliate program, you should consider your audience, individual goals, and needs.

Casino affiliates - types

Affiliate programs differ in payment models and types of promotion platforms. They are used not only in casinos, where virtual versions of slot machines that were previously used in land-based establishments are presented.

Income can also be obtained from bookmakers and poker rooms, where bets are placed on sports events or real users place bets in a card game. It is important to set up casino affiliates correctly.

Why does the online casino affiliate program accrue income?

To make a profit, they use different models of affiliate programs:

  • RevShare. This model has become most widespread. The partner receives a profit of 40-75%, depending on the volume of traffic. At the same time, the online casino affiliate program provides income from the establishment's profit, so some expenses can be deducted. Winnings are also taken from the partner's payments. This must be taken into account when choosing an affiliate program.
  • Percentage of deposit. The partner receives a certain percentage of the account replenishments made by the player who was referred. The scheme is relatively safe. Usually, they get 20-30%.
  • SRA. Affiliates are paid a fixed amount after the referred player registers. Usually, it is 50-100 dollars, accrued on the day the account is created. Only verified partners can take advantage of this type of deduction.

In hybrid schemes, one of the first models and CPA are combined. The size of the bet is discussed individually. Thanks to the first two schemes, passive income is possible.

After registration, a connection is made between the player's and partner's accounts. Therefore, you can continue to monitor deposits, winnings, and losses in your partner account.

The most effective advertising location is your own website, blog, or forum. If you don't have your own site, you can use traffic arbitrage, which can be obtained from banner and teaser networks. To get decent amounts of quality traffic, you can use social networks. But you need to act carefully because moderators will not tolerate direct advertising of gambling.

Casino affiliate – what surprises can happen?

The webmaster benefits when the player he brings loses. In affiliate programs, there is a concept of negative balance. If a player constantly wins, the house loses profit. That is why the costs are partially withdrawn from the partner account. Therefore, experienced webmasters who have a casino affiliate program recommend not withdrawing funds until the month is over.

Negative balances can only appear if the RevShare method is used. It is difficult to say with certainty which payment model is more profitable. For example, a CPA is better for a quick fixed income. At the same time, with the help of RevShare, it is possible to achieve long-term profits. But this, too, is just a case; everything depends on the actions of the attracted player.

When choosing an affiliate program, you need to choose the best option. Direct employers pay higher, but gambling affiliates have much more choice and useful bonuses. Of course, you should carefully read the reviews. They can help you learn about the features of each program.

In addition, it is worth determining which GEOs you can allocate your budget to in advance. It depends on the country. You can choose relatively inexpensive countries, such as Latin America. Or you can bet on Norway and Denmark, which are priced accordingly. Beginners are advised to choose budget options; otherwise, bankruptcy is possible.

It is imperative to consider the conditions under which funds are withdrawn. The payment schedule is also important. It is enough to weigh all the pros and cons.

Why are gambling affiliates so interesting?

Gambling attracts webmasters for many reasons. First, income does not depend on the season; bets are placed around the clock. However, the lead also lasts a long time since the player can continue betting for several years. If an online casino uses certified gaming software, players tend to return to it.

However, you need to take into account that gambling affiliates generate income with a high level of competition. In addition, gambling cannot be promoted on large platforms with advertising. All risks must be calculated. Websites that promote gambling sites may be blocked by regulatory government agencies.

How can you get traffic?

You can get traffic in different ways. For this, they use:

  • Thematic resources. The site is used to post content about gambling. You can post articles about the rules of card games, various strategies, winning algorithms, and much more.
  • Playgrounds. A resource under its name helps in using the affiliate program.
  • Catalog-ratings. The site can publish not only reviews of gambling establishments but also various ratings. User reviews will be useful in helping players make a choice.
  • Arbitration. To buy traffic, it is better to use small banner and teaser networks.

Please note that promoting gambling on large advertising platforms is prohibited. You can actively use social networks, but each has its own conditions. Most often, a license is required. You can promote through spam in private messages or comments, advertising on personal pages, or in communities.

Don't forget about Telegram. The messenger's audience is constantly growing, and moderation is considered quite loyal. You can upload advertisements in several ways: spam, scheme traffic, and regular advertising. They also use non-standard approaches. For example, they post posts with full reviews of slots.


Affiliate marketing generates income and increases sales. Profitability depends on the choice of an affiliate program. There are many of them, and various factors must be taken into account. You need to pay attention to the brand's reputation, the percentage the partner will receive, and many other indicators.

To effectively use the affiliate program, you need to set a goal in advance and monitor the results. At the same time, do not forget to adjust the strategy. Using affiliate programs will help you promote products that align with your values strategically

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