1. Honest Traffic Attraction We insist on honest traffic attraction. All partners undertake to attract players using only legal and fair methods, as well as to comply with all applicable rules and laws in the field of advertising and marketing. 2. Prohibited Types of Traffic We categorically prohibit the use of prohibited types of traffic, such as spam, malicious software, phishing, and other dishonest methods that could damage the reputation of our company or partner companies. 3. Participation Conditions The partner must be fully of legal age in the country of their residence and have legal rights to conclude partnership agreements. The partner undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding online gambling, advertising, and marketing, including requirements for the protection of personal data and consumer rights. 4. Partner's Obligations The partner undertakes to actively and honestly promote the products available in the affiliate program and advertise them only using authorized marketing channels and tools. We provide access to educational materials, advertising tools, and a personal affiliate program manager for support and consultations. In case of detection of dishonest activity by the partner, which may include attracting unacceptable traffic, we reserve the right not to disclose detection methods. Additionally, we retain the possibility not to pay out the commission that is on the partner's account. This warning is aimed at ensuring honest and effective partnership. We insist on compliance with all rules and conditions of the affiliate program to achieve mutual benefit and long-term cooperation. 5. Commissions and Payments Commissions are credited to partners for each attracted customer who registers and makes the first deposit on our partner's website or performs other targeted actions specified on the offer page. The conditions for commission payments are discussed individually with each partner and may include fixed rates, a percentage of revenue, or flexible reward systems. We also offer various payment options, including bank transfer, electronic wallets, and other payment systems. Commission payments are made periodically in accordance with agreed terms and can be made either upon the partner's request or automatically upon reaching a certain minimum balance threshold. 6. Marketing Support and Resources We provide our partners with access to a wide range of marketing materials and resources, including banners, landing pages, text links, video materials, and other creatives that can be used to promote our services. Additionally, we provide a personal affiliate program manager who assists partners with developing marketing strategies, optimizing advertising campaigns, and resolving any emerging issues. 7. Changes in Conditions Our company reserves the right to make changes to these rules and conditions of the affiliate program as necessary. Changes may come into effect immediately or after notifying partners at our discretion. 8. Contacts If you have any questions or need additional information about our partnership rules and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are ready to assist you and consider all your requests.