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GGbet affiliate program

Thanks to affiliate programs, webmasters can make money on esports and gambling traffic. The GGbet platform, which was launched several years ago, is popular. Tens of thousands of users visit it daily, and their number is constantly growing. The GGbet affiliate program is used by webmasters from different countries.

About the GGbet affiliate program

Affiliates can only promote one offer. For the bay, you can use any of the directions. The GGbet referral program involves using a unique referral link. Beginners receive up to 40% on RevShare, but the conditions may become more favorable; just discuss them with your personal manager.

For work, you can use ready-made creatives and request special solutions designed for a specific type of traffic. Promotional materials are fully accessible and are constantly updated to provide the best visual content.

Advantages of GGbet

Webmasters note many advantages of using the GGbet affiliate program. They are:

  • direct advertiser;
  • a large number of countries;
  • possibility of choosing a direction;
  • promotions and pleasant bonuses;
  • development of custom promos.

If necessary, technical support specialists can clarify all questions, and a personal manager can help solve any problem.

Registration in the GG Affiliates program

To register, you need to follow simple instructions:

  • Fill in the contact information about the webmaster or company.
  • Select the type of direction.
  • Fill in information about the type of traffic.
  • After this, you must wait until the staff confirms your registration.

Main models of cooperation with GG Affiliates

Cooperation takes place on mutually beneficial terms. The partner can receive up to 40% of the income brought by attracted players. In Revenue Share, the user always receives income. Payment from a bookmaker can never be calculated in advance. Individual indicators influence the amount of income; there are no restrictions on the number of payments.

Offers of the GG Affiliates program

The affiliate program uses a single offer. Partners advertise GGbet. The main difference from other offers is that the affiliate program combines various sub-verticals. Features the following advantages:

  • availability of a license;
  • a large number of cyber disciplines;
  • various casino providers.

Players from different countries can participate; Poland, Germany, and Switzerland are considered the best GEOs.

How to make money with the GGbet affiliate program

To receive income, you must register. On the portal, you can place bets on popular and fast games and a variety of sporting events. The GGbet Affiliate program allows webmasters to use various promotional materials and useful tools for their work.

In the affiliate program, you can get banners in dynamic and static formats. You can also provide videos, text links, and clickunder. The webmaster can use his advertising materials, but they must first be approved by support.

The functionality is quite easy to understand; the user immediately sees the main sections. To order a payment, go to the “Payments” menu; the minimum withdrawal amount is $20. Connecting wallets is done in your personal account. Withdrawals are carried out automatically on Tuesdays if the balance has an amount greater than the minimum.


The GGbet affiliate program receives positive reviews. It has a simple, user-friendly design and interface; it has all the tools you need to do the job. Even beginners will understand the controls. The only thing you need to wait for is a


What type of traffic is accepted?

Any type of traffic is possible at GGbet. However, it is prohibited to use spam, schemes, or motives. If difficulties arise, just contact your personal manager; he will help with the correct company settings and solve technical problems.

What promotional materials can I use?

The affiliate program provides various promotional materials designed for different disciplines and sub-verticals. If necessary, the GGbet team will create creative individually.

From which GEOs is traffic received?

Webmasters receiving traffic from countries like Armenia, Nigeria, Poland, India, and the Czech Republic can join the affiliate program. Please note that a number of countries are banned. These include Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, USA, France and Ukraine. The full list can be found on the website.